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We are a family of five; hailing from Long Beach, California. We have been working internationally at the American School of Kuwait for the past seven years. As we grow, we hope to continue our careers in an educational environment that encourages community, relationships, and social values.

Our children, Yvette (17), Isaiah (8), and Moisés (1) enjoy the international life. School is home and home is where the family is together. Their experiences are what make them unique and as parents we strive to continue the affordance of sharing the world with them.

Tim and Ana have been in education for over 30 years. From team teaching middle school English to spreading their wings into other areas of K-12. Together, they have engaged in all levels of education from CDC to grade 12. They take pride in their careers and hope to inspire their children and all those who they interact with; to dream, believe, and create.


As an educational leader, I possess qualifications and experiences that allow me to be successful in international school settings. I hold a master’s degree in education and a master’s degree in educational technology along with several certifications related to educational technology and digital design. The past seven years I have proven to be a flexible, hard-working, dependable, and knowledgeable employee. My personal professional development has taken me from the classroom to a role in leadership. Along the way, I have developed skills to lead in a 21st century world. I have successfully taken on roles such as graduation coordinator, senior advisor, housing coordinator, and website manager. I often take on an advisory role for anything technology related. My time at the American School of Kuwait has demonstrated qualities of success in an international setting.

I believe that students best learn through exploration and guidance. I do not believe that students have one way of learning, or a specific learning style. I believe as educators and leaders it is critical that we understand and take from a variety of learning theories. Taking a constructivist approach to teaching and learning, teachers provide authentic lessons where learning is created from experiences. Taking a behaviorist approach to teaching and learning, the focus is given to recalling facts, defining and illustrating concepts, applying explanations, and performing procedures. Taking a cognitive approach to teaching and learning, the emphasis will be on mental processing. Depending on the standards and objectives, my role in facilitating learning is to apply the best practices to achieve the goal.


I am a dedicated and passionate teacher leader who has been in education for the past 13 years. My love for life and curiosity for learning have taken me to many parts of the world. Through my travels I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in different cultures and expand my knowledge and understanding of diversity. As an educator, I have worked as a middle school teacher, grade 1 teacher, reading specialist, instructional coach, and my current position of assistant principal. All these positions have taught me the true meaning of flexibility while working with diverse group of people. Furthermore, I have lived and worked in an international school in Kuwait for the past 7 years. Working in an international school has granted me the opportunity to work with colleagues from around the world.

Teaching students is a complex task. As teachers we are quick to realize that one way does not teach all. Some students are quick to grasp the information while others struggle. Some students work quickly while others need more time. Numerous social factors arising at school or coming from home also have a direct influence on a child's education. Students learn best when they are in a safe environment, have a knowledgeable teacher, solid curriculum, clear standards, and high expectations. As a teacher and teacher leader, I have worked to create and maintain an environment where students feel safe and are respected by their peers. As a facilitator of student learning, I stay up to date with best practices by taking courses or attending workshops. In my capacity as administrator, I make sure teachers have the support and resources to create a positive environment in their classrooms. In order to improve learning, teachers need to set clear goals for themselves as well as their students, monitor student progress and create a plan for learning. During common planning time (CPT) I have facilitated meetings where teachers bring together their data and look for trends and create or update Understanding by Design Units (UBD). We also meet frequently to calibrate grading so that the standard of learning is maintained throughout the school. These opportunities for collaboration within an institution are key for student success.

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