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About Us

We are a family of five; hailing from Long Beach, California. We have been working internationally at the American School of Kuwait for the past eight years. As we grow, we hope to continue our careers in an educational environment that encourages community, relationships, and social values.

Our children, Yvette, Isaiah, and Moisés enjoy the international life. School is home and home is where the family is together. Our experiences are what makes us unique, and as parents, we strive to continue the affordance of sharing the world with our children.

Tim and Ana have been in education for over 30 years. Together, they have engaged in all levels of education from CDC to grade 12. They take pride in their careers and hope to inspire their children and all those who they interact with to; dream, believe, and create.


As an educational leader, I am an instructional leader and digital media specialist. I have a passion for learning and am an educator who is reflective, self-motivated, takes a student-centered approach, and lives with a sense of humor and humility.


As an educational leader, I aspire to maintain the highest academic experience for each child. I hope to join a team that strives to cultivate a school-wide climate that inspires and empowers students to take risks and learn how to make a difference.

Dream - Believe - Create


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